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Data-Trak, Inc.

P.O. Box 10546
Lake Jackson, Texas
United States

Tel: 966 3 882-8112 EXT 18
Fax: 966 3 882-7894

Contact: Stephen Smith, Vice President
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Exporter
Employees: 105
Year Established: 1987
Annual Sales Volume: $6M to $24M
Bank Ref: First Bank of Houston
Harmonized System Codes: 8701 8702 8703 8704 8901 8902 8903 8904 SC11 SC12 SC16 SC60 SC85 SC86

Business Message

Data-Trak, Inc. of Lake Jackson, Texas (a U.S. software manufacturer) is expanding to the European, Russian, and Chinese market. U.S. and Canadian offices are located in most states, with Regional Offices in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

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This is a truly professional application software, with equipment photos, parts photos, and mechanic employee photos - 70 standard management reports / additional custom reports via Seagate Crystal Reports. Retail prices start at $3,500 plus $1,000 each per additional license. Versions are available for MS SQL, Oracle, and interfaces can be written to merge with SAP, JD Edwards, and Perregrine. Please contact me at

Atlas 2000 Maintenance Management Software was designed to help the fleet owner save money. For that reason, it is important to keep maintenance expenses to a minimum - parts, tires, mechanic labour, and outside maintenance sources - like dealership repairs. Atlas 2000 is very user-friendly - so simple that even your mechanics and parts personnel will quickly grasp the portion of the system that they will use. It is simple to operate, but it is also a comprehensive maintenance management package with security blocks to insure that only the personnel who need to access certain data actually see this data. Atlas 2000 files include: Equipment Files (with photo of the truck or equipment) Parts Files (with photo of the truck or equipment) Employee Files (with photo of the truck or equipment) Contractor Files (with photo of the truck or equipment) Work Order Files include information about labour hours and mechanic name, parts used in the repair, tires used in the service, the type of repair, how long the equipment was down, and Preventive Maintenance Tasks. Fuel Consumption Reports afford valuable information about kilometers or hours per liter, driver during the fuel-up, cost of the fuel-up, and the employee who pumped the fuel.

Management Reports: The Atlas 2000 System has 70 standard management reports that can be generated in seconds. Mechanic Performance Reports to include productivity and efficiency are standard as are fuel consumption reports.

The system is easily customized with the use of Seagate Crystal Reports. Any new report can be customized and generated in a very short time. Even field names and titles can be changed to better suit your company's environment. Networking is generally accomplished with PC Anywhere, MS SQL, or Oracle. If your company uses another system, professioals at the Data-Trak Home Office can write an interface so that Atlas 2000 can be incorporated into your existing company IT plan.


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